Laboratory Design Tips 

Laboratory Design Tips 

Laboratory design tips is a subject that should be studied by people who want expertise. As modern times lead people to make changes in every subject, there is a need for more innovative perspectives and educational areas. Laboratories are important in the education process and must include a lot of technical equipment. 

Schools make a difference thanks to laboratory design tips. With the rapid progress of technology, laboratories in schools should inevitably be redesigned with good ideas and experts. 

Due to the educational materials that can be considered dangerous such as chemical materials or electrical circuits, it is necessary to work with brands that are experts in this business. School furniture is an important subject that has many requirements. One of the subjects that schools should devote the most time to is applying laboratory design tips. Here are some important laboratory interior design tips.

1) Prioritize Safety

Instruments, small machinery, and chemical products are likely to be found in laboratories. As such, safety should always be protected in a good laboratory. Working with a brand that does not have expertise and experience in this field can both harm education and cause irreparable harm to life safety. It must be delivered to reliable companies that have experienced this job many times before. 

We are serving in 3 continents as the Buser Project, our brand that has adopted this as a principle in laboratory furniture. There is no room for negligence in the priority of safety. 

2) Consider Ease of Access 

In the interior design of laboratories, its appearance is mostly given importance. However, the main aim should be to support the educational process and the ease of access for students and educators should be considered. Minimal designs should be preferred more, and complex and irregular interior designs should be avoided. Education-oriented laboratories should be considered. Market research and pricing are important for laboratory design tips.

3) Flexibility 

Flexibility is one of the foremost issues when considering laboratory interior design ideas. Because laboratories are an area in many courses and in use of countless students in schools. Furniture choices with flexibility and adaptability provide versatile use of laboratories. Flexibility provides a great deal of efficiency. They should be places that are fast adapting to a change in curriculum or technological innovation. Laboratory design tips should be applied for people who will use the field.

4) Technological Infrastructure 

When we think about how to choose laboratory furniture, brands integrated with technological developments should be preferred. Technology provides convenience and better learning in the educational process. 

We are a brand with technological products that meet the needs of its experienced staff as the Buser Project. Since technology reveals new products and opportunities every day, these trends should be followed, or cooperation should be made with the brands that follow the trends. 

5) Quality and Permanence 

Many private schools must devote significant resources to laboratory and school furniture. Therefore, the products purchased must be durable enough to be used for many years. Especially for school operators, this is very important in the long run. Furniture made of good qualified raw materials should be preferred. In this way, precautions are taken against possible accidents. 

Schools are generally structures that are planned to last for a long time, and the materials and furniture inside should be more sustainable in the long term. It is not in anyone's interest to buy new quickly damaged furniture or laboratory equipment, both in terms of overtime and resource use. There are many laboratory design tips as having these factors .

6) Modern and Fun Approach 

Our first impressions of schools are mostly based on their outward appearance. Therefore, designs with modern and fun themes are more attractive to students. A modern look in interior design is something that all brands desire. However, when it comes to educational furniture, consumers also attach importance to functionality, so more than simply being modern is needed.

Since laboratories are primarily learning and experimental area, their functionality and efficiency should be considered as well as their appearance. Thematic designs can be a good choice in this regard. For example, people, books and images related to chemistry should be used as materials in a chemistry classroom. Laboratory design tips about looking should be thoroughly reviewed.

7) Handed Over to Experts in the Field

One of the areas that interior architecture is interested in is laboratory design tips. As the Buser Project, we have proven ourselves in many important schools in 50 countries. Experience is always a great confidence. The products of the brands that produce furniture, especially in the field of education, will be more suitable. 

Because every space has different dynamics, and schools are structures that require design like other spaces. Advice should be sought from people who specialize in education. 

8) Focus on Student Experiences 

Although the school owners decide how the laboratory furniture will be arranged, their feedback should be listened to as the main users are the students. Designs should be created by considering their age, branches, course contents and teachers' ideas because laboratories are places where teachers and students will spend time. Creative solutions should be produced to meet their needs. 

9) Compliant with Universal Standards 

School furniture, and especially laboratory furniture must comply with universal standards in the education and learning process because common science rules must be applied. For example, any physics laboratory has to have the same basic features everywhere. classrooms should be designed with universal standards in mind. 

We produce Buser Project's products not only according to the demands of a country but also according to global demands. Everyone deserves a good education and good education conditions. You should work with companies that are experts in laboratory design tips.

10) Comfortable Workspace 

Laboratory furniture, on which long hours are spent, should maintain the concentration of students and teachers and should be as comfortable as possible. The minimum conditions required by the human body should be provided from an ergonomic point of view. Uncomfortable seats, and dysfunctional materials can disrupt students' studies.

Laboratories can be places where one can spend excessive time not only at the primary and middle level but also by expert scientists such as academicians at the university. So comfort can become a very imperative need. 

As The Buser Project, we have products and perspectives suitable for all these parameters and have contributed to the laboratories of schools in 50 countries, including Africa. Istanbul-based our brand Buser Project is well-established and has an office in London too. We produce school furniture in accordance with the principles we mentioned. 

Since laboratories have many technical and aesthetic requirements, working with good and reliable brands is essential. As can be seen in the education presentation tab on our website,, we have an approach that meets all these mentioned tips.