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About Us

About Us

Buser Project is established in 1986 , is an enthosiastic company which has many achivements in such a short period of time. and Decoration, Buser Project is a leading company in Furniture industry is one of the long run business customer of Buroseren Furniture.

Buser Project has 6.000 m2 showroom and 3.000 m2 logistics center located in Istanbul. With its professional technical team and experienced architects,Buser Project successfully provides services to many countries around the world.

Buser Project operates on a continuous basis with such countries as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Libya, Qatar, Morocco, Armenia, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe by exporting including but – not limited to – furniture, building construction materials, sports equipments, industrial kitchen equipments.With its great experience Buser Project ,joined to many domestic and international projects all around the globe.

Turn-key Projects

BuserProject collects all the needs of your projects under one roof, and we offer your projects turn-key by blending the quality of the business process.

Fast Logistics

On-time delivery for all products in our stocks.

Free Architectural Support

After completing the necessary steps, you can view the latest version of your projects prepared by our interior architects in the computer environment.

Export all over the world

Over 30 years experience in over 20 countries with more than 300 projects.


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