How to Choose Office Furniture for Productivity?

How to Choose Office Furniture for Productivity?

Office layout and appearance have been a great concern for companies in the last few decades. To increase the productivity of the employees, not only the location of the office but also the layout, structure, design, chosen office furniture used, and the general atmosphere of the office is significant.

Studies on offices and productivity have revealed that the physical environment is the most important factor in determining an employee's ability to focus. It is thought that a well-designed office can increase productivity by about 20 percent. In other words, if an office is not comfortable and causes distraction, it can create inefficient workers.

The quality and pleasing appearance of office furniture reflect not only the office workers but also the institutionalism of the office. Office visits are made especially during commercial agreements, and a comfortable and stylish office can positively affect the parties to these agreements.

Different Types of Office Furniture

How to choose office furniture, and which units should be given priority? Units such as desks, sitting units, cabinets and shelves are indispensable parts of offices. Units such as desks and chairs are products with many different types and styles of use, and the effectiveness and efficiency of your office need to focus on both their function and their style while designing your office.

  • Desks

You can create productive spaces in your offices, which you can complete with ergonomic work chairs and suitable work desks. Teamwork is very important in crowded offices. For this reason, you can choose desks and workstation areas that will allow you to work in a crowded place in accordance with your office plan.

  • Seating

Our spine should be supported by ergonomic chairs that help us maintain a healthy posture most of the day. Choosing an ergonomic office chair is very important to be even more productive in the long run and feel comfortable in front of the screen. Headaches and chronic fatigue are the biggest killers of productivity in your workspaces. The right workspaces can be easily created by choosing ergonomic work chairs and desks that will help you get rid of diseases and posture disorders caused by bad posture.

  • Storage Units

Cabinets and shelves in which bookshelves, file shelves and similar items are placed in the office reflect the quality and institutionalism of the office. Organized shelves increase productivity, as do neat file folders. In addition, cabinets have more important functions in open offices, unlike closed offices. Open shelves and cabinets are separator furniture units that look like a front or partial wall for open offices. As it increases the elegance of open offices, it also makes it easier for office workers to access storage units.

  • Workstations

The workstations that are generally chosen for space-saving are workspaces with at least two people and a unified design. Multiple workstations add a different atmosphere to your office thanks to their special designs and customizable color options. Ensuring that workstations and employees work together strengthens the communication and bond between them, and cooperation increases. Thus, it is possible for office workers to work more efficiently, and the working environment is positively affected. The designs of the office furniture are the same for each staff member. Thus, the idea of a clear separation between the personnel is eliminated and the feeling that each personnel is valued at the same level emerges.

Choose Style and Materials

Using random choosing office furniture units in the office is a negative situation both in terms of the appearance of the office and in terms of the productivity of the employees. For this reason, it is recommended to design the office with a specialist designer. Thus, harmony is created between the preferred furniture units, and the office space is used efficiently. In addition, the concept constructed in the office design also represents the institutionality of the company.

Consider Your Office Furniture Needs

What are the steps to be taken to choose office furniture? We spend about a third of our time at work, so choosing the right furniture is essential for your employees to be comfortable throughout the workday. Boring, distracting and uninspiring workspaces can really negatively impact an employee's productivity.

  • Choosing Ergonomic Furniture

Lack of productivity will increase costs, waste time and reduce potential profits. A surefire way to increase productivity is to choose ergonomic furniture for an office space.

Sitting comfortably prevents people from getting distracted during the workday. An employee who is disturbed will repeatedly stop work to readjust their position, and this can interrupt and delay work progress. Ergonomic chairs are one of the best options for making staff comfortable and happy at work.

  • Height-Adjustable Desks

The human body cannot stand for a long time to be inactive, and the wrong sitting position, and the inflexibility of the desk, which is used most by office workers, disturbs the user and reduces their productivity. People are of different heights, and a certain desk standard may only be functional for some users. Therefore, height-adjustable tables are more suitable for the effective use of personnel.

  • Natural Light and Greenery to Increase Productivity

Lighting is one of the most crucial factors of focus and efficiency but one of the most overlooked and least invested. The quality of indoor and desk lighting determines the sleep quality of employees and, thus, their productivity and well-being. That's why the right light is the color closest to natural light. In addition, having a large number of plants in the office helps to produce clean air, encouraging employees to be more energetic, productive and creative.

  • Put Comfort First

The most important issue when establishing the office layout is the creation of the air quality of the office. Office accessories and all other units directly affect the quality of the air. Because the furniture units, which are too much and take up space, prevent the air from entering and affect the employees deeply. Similarly, 21-22 centigrade is considered the ideal temperature for an office, and the optimum temperature makes workers more productive.

  • Provide Enough Storage

The office is the area where more than one person uses and produces work, and therefore too many items occupy the office environment. For this reason, sufficient storage units are needed to keep both file folders and other office furniture and units organized. In addition, storage units are indispensable for office furniture. In addition, the adequacy of the storage units used to prevent disorder and clutter in the office will increase the concentration of the employees.

Consider the Space You Have

The office layout designed according to the office space owned is important for the office's quality and the employees' comfort. The office furniture colors and styles to be chosen, taking into account the natural features of the office space, such as getting light and fresh air, will provide a comfortable environment for your employees. In addition, office furniture space planning allows both the shape and dimensions of the furniture units, such as the desks' sizes, to be compatible and the space to be used effectively.

Consider the Acoustics

Noise affects workers' concentration on work; Not only can it be a distraction, but it can increase stress levels and make it harder to maintain productivity. For this reason, it is important for employee productivity that the sound distribution of the office is balanced and not disturbing.

Consider the Color within the Office

Colors used in the office have an impact on mood and brain functions. So choosing the right colors for the office can affect productivity. Green and blue tones are among the most preferred colors in offices, making employees feel peace and serenity. Red can be used in certain sizes to attract attention in the office. In addition, the use of the corporate colors of the brand in certain points of the office is vital for the office's institutionality.

How to Care for Office Furniture?

When hygiene is more important than ever, office and furniture cleaning should be done periodically. Cleaning to be done daily in your office will make the environment more hygienic. Regular cleaning and maintenance of furniture is the healthiest for long-lasting use. In addition, some office furniture units have issues that need attention. For example, long-term liquid contact on wooden tables should be avoided because when the liquid stays on the wooden table for an extended time, it is absorbed by the wood pores.

Improving Productivity with Buser Office Furniture

So the main critical questions are how to choose furniture style and how to choose furniture color? At this point, you need an expert touch in office furniture design. We, The Buser Project, provide you with professional support in terms of a comfortable working environment, efficient and corporate office and office design and furniture that make up your company's institutionalism. With the quality and stylish furniture we have designed, we provide a unique and corporate touch to your businesses and offer your employees a comfortable and efficient working environment.